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Pressure washing of driveway and patios is a very dirty job but I find it therapeutic and a nice chance to get outdoors, (well sometimes anyway).

Again I have a professional set up using a petrol driven 13 horse powered machine that draws water from a bund or reservoir.

All I need is a cold water supply ideally an outside tap and leave the rest to me.

No chemicals are used in this process except on any stubborn stains like oil left from cars.

Ideally a systemic weed killer should be applied to the area a week before the cleaning is carried out.

Systemic weed killers kill the roots of the weed so hopefully they don’t come back as quickly.

Cleaning block paving does take time and when clean and dry the blocks can be re-sanded using the proper kiln dried sand which is brushed in.

Do not let anyone clean your block paving and re-sand it whilst it’s wet, as the sand sticks to the blocks and cannot drop between the gaps like it should.

I always clean down any areas which may have been splashed by the cleaning process.

As a suggestion weed killer may be applied to the area every so often to keep any weed shoots at bay, if the weeds get to big they will start to push tour block paving apart causing problems.

Driveway Cleaning & Patio Cleaning Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge.

  • Domestic and Commercial Premises
  • Block Paving Cleaned and re-sanded using Kiln Dried Sand
  • Pathways, Walls
  • Tarmac
  • No Chemicals used.
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