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Hello my name is Keith.

Welcome to my carpet cleaning business website – KD Masterclean.

I’m a Professional carpet cleaner.

I provide a top quality carpet, upholstery and sofa cleaning service.

I cover Dudley, Stourbridge, Halesowen and all the surrounding Birmingham areas.

Why we clean Carpets. 

Professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis has been proven to extend the life of your carpets, removing the harmful dirt and grit along other little mites we won’t talk about.

Professional, deep down cleaning helps keep them fresh and retaining a look like new appearance.

Specialist cleaning equipment training and knowledge are required to clean a carpet thoroughly and correctly. There are various different processes carpet cleaners can use from Low moisture cleaning to the full deep down cleaning, using the hot water extraction process.

After the inspection survey of the carpet, the carpet cleaner would decide on which cleaning method is to be used. It is based on the carpet type and structure, the age of the carpet and the of course the level of soil.

Why we clean Carpets.

How often do I need to clean my carpets?

Carpets get dirty or soiled over time but naturally the more people the live in a house equals more foot traffic equals clean more often.
For example, f you have one or two people living in a house with no children or pets I would recommend between every 12 – 18 months.

If you have a pet and a couple of children there is more foot traffic therefore the carpets will get dirtier more quickly so every once every 12 months

If you have a business or commercial property the amount of foot traffic is by far the heaviest and needs to be done on a more regular basis, each business is different so a different maintenance program can be set up for a biannual clean or quarterly clean but most just opt for a one off deep down clean.

The Carpet Cleaners Process…

A thorough pre- vacuuming with a Professional grade vacuum cleaner can remove most of the dry soil from a carpet.

The Hot water extraction carpet cleaning process provides a deep down clean to give the very best cleaning results, revitalizing your carpets making them look almost new again.

The process involves a premixed chemical known as a pre-spray, this is sprayed onto the carpet and allowed to dwell.

A counter rotating brush machine or a rotary machine is used to agitate the solution into the carpet fibres.

The agitation lifts the carpet pile and helps remove any stubborn particles and in ground dirt.
An industrial portable carpet cleaning machine is filled with hot water from your tap, which is heated by the machine and pressurised.

A special carpet cleaning tool or wand uses pressurised hot water to rinse the dirt and chemical from the carpet.

The powerful vacuums from the machine, extra drying strokes of the wand removes most of the moisture enabling quicker drying times.

Cold water can be used to clean but it’s just my preference to use hot water. The heat and pressure in the machine can be adjusted to suit the different processes, carpet types and fabrics.

Drying times vary due to types of carpet fibres and pile thickness.

For example a wool carpet will take longer to dry than a polypropylene carpet, as a wool fibre will absorb moisture as where as a polypropylene repels moisture, so it turn dries more quickly.

Using turbo drying fans carpets are normally dry enough to walk on within a few hours.

Spots and stains in the carpet are treated during the cleaning process and will normally be removed these using specialist methods and chemicals called spotters.

The stain removal process is done by working carefully not to cause damage making the stain gradually lighter and lighter. Unfortunately some stains are almost impossible to completely remove but normally the stain is far lighter than the original stain.

Any professional should express at the survey stage that some stains may not be removable and to do his or her best to attempt to totally remove it.

Any wooden or steel based furniture that has been moved will be placed on either silver foils or Polystyrene blocks to prevent any furniture stains, as moisture can draw the dye from wood and steel can leave a rust mark.

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